Projects can be public or private. Public projects are only available as part of the Enterprise version. Please contact us for more information to activate Public projects.

Anyone with the project link can access a public project. Search engines also index our public projects so people may find your public project by searching on the web too.

To see information about a project, click the Information icon at the top left of the app.

The project type, Private or Public, is displayed at the bottom of the popup window.

Private projects can only be accessed by those that have been added to the project. In order to confirm that the person has access to a private project, they need to create a SuperViz account with the email used to invite them to access the project. You must be working in a Pro workspace to add people to a project. 

From the Project Dashboard, hover over the project and click the ellipsis.

On the popup menu, click MANAGE MEMBERS.

In Pro workspaces when you create a new project you can choose whether it is Public or Private. You can also change whether a project is public or private later in the dropdown menu on the project's thumbnail in the Workspace's project list.