There are two ways to create a meeting. It can be created from the Project Dashboard or from within the project. Every time you create a meeting link a new meeting code is created. You can generate many unique meeting codes per project. Each meeting code brings you to a unique meeting room.

You can also share the meeting code instead of the link. This is useful if a participant will be entering via a VR headset. To enter the meeting via a code go to In VR you should use the browser of the VR headset to enter the code and enter the meeting.

  • To create a meeting inside a project click NEW MEETING found in the upper right corner of the project.

The meeting link is displayed. You can copy the meeting link and distribute it to all meeting participants. Click OK once you have it copied to the clipboard. 

  • To create a meeting from the Project Dashboard, hover the mouse over the project and click NEW MEETING when it displays. 

After clicking NEW MEETING, a meeting link will display. This is the link you will share with the other participants. Meeting links do not expire, so you can create a meeting link for future meetings. You can also return to the same meeting link in the future.