Once you are in a meeting you will see two new interface areas. The top right will show the participants and settings. The bottom bar contains the meeting tools.

On the top right you can find the following participant functions:

  • The avatar icon can be used to hide and show the participant's avatars in the scene.
  • Click LEAVE to leave the meeting.
  • You can hide all webcam windows by clicking on the up arrow icon. To display the participant webcams, click on the down arrow icon.
  • The meeting host (the only participant that can change scenes) is highlighted by the HOST label.
  • Hosts can pass presentation control to another participant by clicking the GIVE CONTROL button on the other participant's webcam.
  • You can change your camera, mic, and speaker settings by clicking on the gear icon on your webcam image.
  • The INVITE button will show the meeting link and code so you can send it to others to invite them to the meeting.

At the top right of the project, you can click the Chat icon to open and close the chat window.

At the bottom of the screen you can see your meeting tools:

From left to right the tools are the following:

  • View map. This will load the Map of Floor Plan if the scene was placed on one.
  • Share screen. This is for sharing your screen. You can choose to share your whole screen, a single application, or a browser tab only.
  • Turn the camera on or off. This lets you turn off or on your camera.
  • Mute and unmute microphone.
  • Show or hide pointer. This turns on or off your laser pointer. The laser pointer is useful to make it easier for others to see what you are pointing at in the scene.
  • Turn drawing on or off. This turns on or off drawing mode. In drawing mode, you can draw on a scene for others to see.
  • Add hotspot. If you have edit rights in the project you can use this button to add a hotspot to the project during the meeting.