Users can be added to projects when you add them to the workspace, or from the Project Dashboard.

Private Projects

Private projects can only be accessed by members who have been given access to it. 


To add members to a project, hover your mouse over the project on the Project Dashboard. Click the ellipsis then select MANAGE MEMBERS.

The Project Members panel will open. Existing project members are listed. Their permissions can be updated by clicking View.


To add new members to the project, click Select team member. It will open a list of the members in the workspace that can be assigned to the project. You can type a username into the box to filter the list of workspace members.

When you click on the member name they will be added to the project members list.

Click SAVE when you are done adding members to the project.

Add all workspace members to a project  
Select the Select all workspace members box. All members will be added to the list.

Click SAVE.

Public Projects

Public projects can be accessed by any user who has been given the project link. The project link can be found by clicking the Information icon in the upper left corner of the page. 


The Project Info panel will open.


Click COPY PROJECT LINK. The link is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into an email or wherever it is needed.