Once you have a SuperViz account, use your credentials to login to SuperViz. 

  • Go to Superviz.com and click LOGIN or go to web.Superviz.com/login.
  • You can enter your Superviz account credentials or use your Google account credentials to login.
    • Using your Superviz credentials, enter your E-MAIL and PASSWORD then click LOG IN.
    • IF you choose to login using your Google account, click LOG IN WITH GOOGLE. The Sign in with Google page will open where you can select the Google account to use.

Note: The eye icon on the Password credential is used to hide or show your password as you type. 

If it is disabled (show password) the password characters will be displayed as you type.  If it is enabled (or on), it will show a masked character as you type.

This is useful if there is someone looking over your shoulder. Your password can be hidden from prying eyes.

  • Forgot your password? No problem. Click on Forgot password? A Reset Password page will display.

Enter your E-EMAIL then click SEND. An email will be sent to the specified e-mail address. If you do not see the email in your Inbox, check your spam folder.

Click the link in the e-mail to reset your password. The Change Password page will display.

Note: Remember to use the eye icon to hide your password if you are around other people. Refer to the login step above for more details about this icon.

Enter a NEW PASSWORD and confirm it, then click SAVE.

You are automatically logged in with the new password.