Sometimes when in a meeting you may find the need to communicate using text. We call this Chat. The Chat icon can be found in the upper left corner of the project window. This is a good way to share a URL that you may be discussing or some other information you need to share. 

IMPORTANT: All chat text during a meeting is saved. If you re-enter the same meeting (using the same meeting link) at a later time, the previously entered chat text will still be visible. This is very important to remember because if you are using the same meeting room with a different participant, you most likely do not want the old chat history to be visible. In this case, a new meeting should be created so it can have its own chat history.

To open the Chat window, click the Chat icon at the top of the project window.

The Chat panel will open on the left side of the project.

The participant should type into the chat message box, then click SEND. Once sent, the other parties in the meeting get a notification on their chat icon. When they click the Chat icon, their Chat panel will open to reveal the conversation.

Clicking on the Chat icon at the top of the project or in the Chat panel will hide the conversation however the conversation is not lost. Clicking the Chat icon again will reopen the conversation.