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If you’re new to 3D models, know that each model will typically have several individual parts. Example: A house will have floors, walls, interior design, etc. The viewer we use provides the interface for a user to navigate the model’s geometry without needing to have the actual CAD software that was used to create the model. You can click on, search for, or hide specific parts of a model.

Navigation tools


Orbit: Rotates the camera around a 3D view. 

Pan: Slides the camera from side to side and top-to-bottom.

First Person: Gives users to ability to explore buildings as if they were walking and looking around.

View settings 

Camera Interactions

 Camera Fit to View

Position the bounding box center of the current selection at the center of the viewport.

Camera Focal Length

Ctrl + Shift + LMB and drag

Ctrl + Shift + scroll wheel

Ctrl + Shift + MMB (Middle Mouse button) and drag

Camera Roll 

Alt + Shift + LMB and drag

Measure: Measures the distance between two points or an angle between three points.

Section: Cuts through a design along an axis with a plane, or through a selected box to allow users to inspect the interior of a building or mechanism.

Explode: Separates a model’s geometry to allow users to see individual parts of the design.

The model tree displays a hierarchical representation of the internal structure of the model. Different types of models have different structures. If the model tree is open, selecting an item in the model also selects and displays it in the model tree.

Click to view the properties of a selected part within your design.


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